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M onochrome W onderland


[Monochrome♥W o n d e r l a n d]
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Hello,and welcome to Monochrome Wonderland!
Please,excuse the mess and such as Rae and
I try to make it as spffy as possible!

Befor you request to join,here's a few
rules you're going to have to agree with..

________R x u x l x e x s ____
[1] Remeber to delete these files after one day!
Also if you like the songs you downloaded,
go buy an album or two (and send them to me xD)

[2] If you do download anything,please leave
us a comment!

[3] Please be patient with your requests to join!
I will be checking my email at 7PM central time
everyday for new requests.

[4] You're welcome to post and such,just be nice.

[5] *When we get a banner/&such up* If you want to add
a Monochrome Wonderland banner to your site,please host
it on your own server! http://www.photobucket.com/
Photobucket is a free and perfect place to host it yourself
if you don't have anywhere else to upload it.

[6] If you have a band you'd like to be featured on
Monochrome Wonderland,or for the next rotation,please
let Princess Kagome know.She'll be more than happy to
bring up new bands | ideas with Rae.

________O x u x r R x a x n x d x o x m B x l x i x s x s ____